Mismatch with google ads conversions and Max Classic leads?

We’ve been trying to figure out why the numbers don’t line up between our google ads and Max Classic account and we can’t seem to pin anything down.

It would make sense if we had more leads coming in on the forms than were showing in google ads since there are undoubtedly organic leads in the mix filling in the forms, but it’s the other way around and google ads is showing a lot more.

The only goals it’s tracking is conversions to the thank-you pages after each web form, and is showing 19 for May 1st-12th. Whereas Infusionsoft shows only 11.

Is this a problem anybody else has encountered, were you able to figure out what causes the discrepancy. We’re still not sure which side the problem is on so it could be that this issue is entirely with google ads or if it’s due to the way the Keap web forms redirect to the thank-you pages perhaps?