Mass renaming of tags: how?

We have a lot of tags that are associated with certain employees. Some of those employees are no longer with the company. I’d like to preserve the tag appended to the contact records archival purposes but would like to rename them all to “XYZ former employee”. Is there a way to do this?

For example we have:
XYZ Sale Cheryl
XYZ Sale James
XYZ Sale Debbie
ABC Sale Cheryl
ABC Sale James
ABC Sale Debbie

I want to change them to
XYZ Sale Former Employee
ABC Sale Former Employee

How can I do this? I don’t want to do them one at a time as each person has about a dozen tags and there are multiple people. Plus, I want them to all have the same tag.

Go to your tags.
Pull up the tags you want to edit.
Choose the checkbox above the tags so it selects them all.
Export them - BE SURE that you export the TagIDs (it’s defaulted, but wanted to mention it)

In your Excel sheet, do your renaming (search and replace is your friend).
Save as a CSV file.

Go to Admin - Data Cleanup - Modify Existing Records
Choose ’tags’ from the dropdown

Upload your csv file - everything should auto-match (tagID, name, category)

That will bulk rename your tags.


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Thanks @Jeff_Arnold for the answer and the promptness of it. I’ll give that a test.