Looks like Infusion IP's been flagged with Hotmail

Hi guys, been testing our email delivery as open rates neeb declining and noticed that report shows IP’s being
flagged up with hotmail/outlook/ etc.


So they all show some listings, but of course the first one relating to Exchange that covers I believe hotmail/outlook and MSN? so this is big hit like 20% or so of emails got restricted because of this dynamic IP sharing I’d guess.

and this is another pair of IPs that shows up as on spam lists with hotmail/outlook:

Spam Received Recently See: SORBS Database Lookup

Looks like entire IP ranges been under some sort of issues.

Hi @Sandis_Viksna_MoreNi

Thanks for reporting in with this. Our Email Ops team has been working on the process to get this taken care of. We just made a post referencing this, and directing to our known issues page for updates.


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