Liquid time calculations

It appears that the liquid implementation is not 100% complete. Using the %s parameter in the date filter produces an erroneous result. This is a critical shortcoming when it comes to calculating time difference such as limited time offers. Without it it is practically impossible to do this without engaging in serious Liquid programming gymnastics.

The question is is this ever going to be addressed?

There aren’t many that would know a lot about liquid content here but there’s a FB page specific to this subject so you’ll probably get great input there, especially from Jason Osterly (the page owner/admin) who know it really well.

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Thanks for that, but the issue is not with liquid expertise. It’s about Infusionsoft’s implementation. There is functionality that simply does not work as it should - particularly around time calculations.

Yes, but that page is specific to how it’s implemented in IS/Keap. If you want something different out of it, however, suggestions for features and improvements can be submitted at

Thank you on both counts.