Invalid liquid syntax error when liquid is used in links

Hello everyone,

we send our customers to Typeforms to gather feedback and populate some form-data with information from merge fields.

The link in our emails looks similar to this: Discover Typeform, where forms = fun[[ contact.email1.address | url_encode ]]&parameter1=123&event=[[ contact.custom_fields.Eventdate | custom: “dd.MM.YYYY” ]]

The liquid syntax is triple checked with the Dynamic Content tool within the Keap application.

It does work nicely for the email data, the parameters, but it does not work with any date field. As soon as we use date fields, we get an error message: ‘Your message contains invalid Liquid syntax. Merge fields cannot be resolved.’

Support does not know what to do and sent us here in the forums.

Does anyone know, how I could use date fields in our links?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,

I would guess that you would need to copy the data from the date fields into a text field and then include that text field in the parameters. That way you can control the dates to be formatted as MM-DD-YYYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY, which would mess up your URL.


Thank you Jeff!

I already tried to use date fields without customization but date-fields seem to generally not work in links. I have not tested to copy the date-fields into a text field and then use the text-field with liquid.

I can imagine that this would work. We do have about ten different date fields for now and it would be very cumbersome to add a text-field for every date-field just for that purpose.

I have had the same error message several times in the last month, both in broadcast emails and in campaign emails. I’m a little bit flattered as I haven’t used liquid syntax yet. Did you make any progress resolving this issue?