Using Liquid on email template

Hey, I’m trying to use liquid to show dynamic content on an email template, but using [if] conditionals, it seems always return true.
I’m validating if a contact custom field is >= 1 and if I have 0 or empty, the condition returns true anyways, please see the attached image.

What it can be? it was working well the last week, but now, is not working


I am not a liquid or dynamic content expert by any means, but I’m going to share my thoughts that may send you in the right direction — maybe not.

When I use the Dynamic Content creator, my instructions look like:
[% if contact.custom_fields.LeadGeneratorFirstName == “1” %]

Yours are different. I’m guessing it is based on using straight liquid vs. dynamic content (again - not an expert), but just wanted to point that out.

The other possibility is that something was changed on the back-end of Keap that changed the way that it is reading. If your custom field is not a numeric field, the >= value may not calculate.

Again, not an expert but these are two ideas I have. If they are way off, just ignore my post.