Infusionsoft stops working everyday around 4:30pm IST

Infusionsoft stops working everyday around 4:30pm IST, and it is highly disturbing, as it is the peak working time in India.
This issue has been there for more than 3 months.
Screenshot from both yesterday & today attached for reference.

You are exactly 12 hours difference in timezones from Keaps headquarters or possibly 14 hours is the servers are on the US east coast.

so anywhere from 2:30am to 4:30am here. I would say that it is very likely that there is a daily server maintenance that runs and might cause a temporary interruption in service (though I don’t know that to be the case it is often how services keep their servers optimized for performance).

Appreciate your reply John. Though it doesn’t solve my problem. Since infusionsoft caters to international markets, it should be able to provide running of the software 24/7.

I have been using infusion since 2018, and it is only in the last 4-5 months that I have come across this problem. Funny part is everytime I talk to support staff, I am told this is a known issue & the team is working to resolve it. It’s loss of essential business hours for me.