When is "Keap" going to start updating Infusionsoft again?!

I am really frustrated right now.
I posted back in October about my annoyance with the Current and Classic versions of Infusionsoft.
The wonderful staff and partners of Infusionsoft smoothed out the confusion and then an update was released for Infusionsoft and the API. I was also told to expect updates come early Q1.

Well I have very much noticed the rebranding. Which does not help me in any way.
If anything, it worries me. I don’t care much that the current vendor I am with has rebranded.
It just serves to confuse me more than anything. I only care that the vendor I am with is keeping its promise to stay updated.

When I first signed my company up with Infusionsoft, there were monthly updates, with great release notes and videos about the updates, as well as calls for feedback and places to ask for features. Then all of the sudden they stopped.

July of 2018 was the last regular update. We all got a small one in October after my post…
I would like to SEE that “Keap” is KEAPing their promise to their standing customers that updates are important and that features to Infusionsoft and the API are still happening.

Back in October, I was thanked for calling out the updates:

Hey Dillan, Thanks for calling out the API updates, that has been something that has fallen through the cracks lately and we now be on a more regular schedule.

In that quote you will see that I was told there would be more regularly scheduled updates…
Well, I have been checking both these links: Release Notes & API-Update Topics and neither have seen any attention.

I don’t like taking time out of my day to write these posts. I would much rather see that improvement is still being made, that way I could continue recommending and bragging about “Keap” and Infusionsoft. I don’t want to think that rebranding and new products are more important, but I have seen much to suggest otherwise.

I hope to see more out of “Keap” in the near future.

Thanks for reading.

– Dillan

They actually have separate teams for updates on both products. One is not affected by the efforts of the other. The re-branding has caused a few issues that they have had to scramble to fix so that and winding up for partner con at the time I’m sure all played a part. They (both teams) should be moving more in the update/fixes direction more and more as things progress though.