"Current" Infusionsoft vs "Classic" Infusionsoft

It seems like the entire development team is working on this still in Beta version of the “Current” Infusionsoft build. Which I am anything but sold on.

The “Classic” is confusing for sure and having a thoughtful redesign would be great.
However, why have they decided to stop all updates to the “Classic” IS? Some of the dev team said that they were working on releasing some awesome API upgrades in the “coming months” but nothing, no updates since July! I was psyched about those updates but it looks like they won’t be happening any time soon.

Sorry for all the quotes around “Current” & “Classic”, I just can’t get with those terms.
It is more like “Current” = Still in development and “Classic” = Currently most people who use IS use this version. It bugs me!

I have tried out the “Current” one and it is not good or even ok. I don’t like many of the functions it is using and I am not sure I will be even after the release. If Infusionsoft needs a power user who has mastered the use of all the current IS tools and functions as a playtester of sorts, let me know.

Can the dev team come out and say “Sorry, but there won’t be any new updates to the Classic IS or the API until after the release and migration to the Current IS”?!?!

I am not a fan of where IS is currently headed.

– Dillan

Following!!! totally agree with you!

Classic is lead with power. It’s built for the Dillan Archer’s of the world. It’s for power marketers and business builders who want to build custom systems to solve complex business and marketing problems.

Current is lead with ease. It is designed for service-based business owners who want something to run their business, fix their follow-up, etc… they may not have the time or desire to be a power marketer (right now.)

From a platform standpoint, Current shares much of the same back-end as Classic. However, as Current matures, some of the Classic modules won’t be brought over - they will instead be re-imagined. One case in point is Pipeline - it’s being re-built from the ground up. And a brand new feature - a direct integration with Google calendar to manage appointments is currently being released…so a lot of new and re-imagined features are quickly being released on Current.

Eventually, the two products will be uniquely branded. Consider the “Current” and “Classic” nomenclature temporary.

As far as API updates, you should be hearing about that soon. I don’t think any development has stopped with the API, we just haven’t been keeping up with posting updates as we have in the past.

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Hey Dillan, Thanks for calling out the API updates, that has been something that has fallen through the cracks lately and we now be on a more regular schedule. I just posted about the recent additions to REST and what the API team has been working on. You can find it here.


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Happy to see this post … and I’m glad I’m not alone in the idea that this approach of not addressing this shift with the customer base falls short of expectations.

I understand the “lead with power” vs. “lead with ease” distinction. It’s encouraging to see that there is, at least, someone at Isoft providing some clarification here. So should I understand from this post that Isoft is committed to continuing to build/enhance both products (“power” and “ease”) into the future?

And I’m curious why there’s not more information coming from Infusionsoft on this topic?

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Yes, @Joshua_Keen, development will continue on both products. I’m a certified partner and on the PAG committee. There was a huge segment in the marketplace who needed something simpler to get started with - a product that didn’t require a lot of training and weeks of learning.

That’s the audience that New Infusionsoft will help. As they grow technically and become more marketing savvy, the product will grow as well until New Infusionsoft will have all the power that Classic Infusionsoft has and the ease that Classic does not.

When the time comes (and ONLY what New Infusionsoft has all the power that Classic Users are used to) that Classic users will be able to transition their app to the new product. It will take a good deal of time to get there so in the meantime, Classic will continue to be developed.

It was an excellent and ambitious call for Infusionsoft to make without going into a lot of detail. But as both involve, there will be more communication to present users.

Hope that helps!


More information is expected to come early Q1, @Joshua_Keen, so stay tuned.