New User Interface

I came across a few youtube videos and announcements from back in March of 2018 that there is a cleaner user interface.

How do I switch my account from the classics view to the new interface?

I’m integrating some product subscriptions and the How-To tutorial on the website I’m integrating with appears to have it in the new interface and doesn’t have the steps posted for the classical view. (I’m adding another thread asking how to find what I need in the classical view.)


You need to reach out to the support team to move to the new user interface.

You may do this by chatting live with the support team in your account or calling in to support.

@Ian_Cox I would read through this article first, concerning backwards compatibility so you know what you are getting into. Also know that I may never be able to comprehensively list every single object that would be affected in a switch over…as shown in this post: MIssing Information Going from Classic to Current

I did before I switched. It was a good article - thank you! I had a huge problem with missing data (content such as a contact type and company name simply vanished), I did have this general feeling that the new interface (and associated feature set) is an attempt by InfusionSoft to court a different user set (wider appeal - aka “dumbing down”). I reached out to customer support and had them go back to classic (phew). I raised my concerns and they did verify that it is infact “still in beta” and things will greatly improve. I’m not convinced. For those looking to play with the new interface - download your data before you make the switch.

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