My UI looks different than all tutorials

Hello, I am trying to solve issues myself, but whenever I look for help, the videos or tutorials I find have a different UI than the one I am using. It seems that my UI is dumbed down or has many less options than I see elsewhere. For example, I can’t find any e-commerce area. All I can do is go to settings and then create a product or service, no option to create offers or anything else. Is this information hidden somewhere else? Am I being limited by my access level? I was told I had e-commerce functionality, but I just can’t seem to get things working.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Aaron, Infusionsoft have released a cut down version that has a better user interface but is missing certain features and functions. You can get support to switch you to the old User Interface and it should resolve this problem for you.

Here is a help page for the new interface…