Leads created via Zapier from Facebook Lead Gen campaign are not being sent emails in our campaign

I have connected a Facebook Lead Gen campaign to an Infusionsoft campaign with Zapier. The leads are being created in Infusionsoft and tagged appropriately for the campaign, however, campaign emails are not being sent because Infusionsoft doesn’t believe that we have permission to email these leads.

How do I fix this? I did a similar campaign with leads from Eventbrite and it all worked fine.

There is an option in Zapier that says “opt in” and the options are ‘yes/no”
Please be sure that is set for Yes in Zapier and you should be fine.

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So Zapier needs to trigger the optin (or ‘unconfirmed’) status on the email for the contact. You can then either have zapier also raise a tag or you can use the contact created by the api trigger in you application settings to do the same.