FB Quiz/Lead Ads

I am using Facebook Quiz ads to help generate leads. I am then using Zapier to send the name, email, data, etc of the lead to Infusionsoft.

However, these leads all get marked as “non-marketable”. I understand why, since Infusionsoft doesn’t know we have asked for permission in the lead ad itself.

But, the question is, how do I send a double opt-in or confirmation email to these leads?

From what I can gather, I can’t put these leads into a campaign sequence, so how do I go about this?

If you are getting them into Infusionsoft by Keap using Zapier, you can have Zapier Create/update a contact record, then, as the next step, have Zapier search for that record using the email address, then in the following step you can have Zapier add a Tag to that contact. That will automatically kick off your campaign for the email confirmation.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, Jeff.

That makes sense except the contacts are being added to Infusionsoft as non-marketable so I can’t kick off the confirm email sequence even if they have the tag.

I hope that clears up the problem.


In the original ‘update/create contact’ in Zapier there should be an option to mark them as ‘yes’ for “did they opt in for marketing”

Change that to Yes, and then do the rest and you should be good.


Thanks, Jeff. That looks like the issue. I thought I had checked that to yes, but looks like I missed it. I appreciate the help!

That was SUPER helpful Jeff. Thank you so much. You just saved me a world of pain trying to find an answer to this problem I was having too. Thanks again!

No problem. Glad it helped!