Language choice in email personalization

Hi there, I wonder whether there are language specific tools for email personalization. If not, may I ask how do the users of other languages address language issues? Any Italian, French, German, Spanish, etc. Infusionsoft users out there?

For instance, if the name of the person is not known, Infusionsoft replaces it with a generic Friend, can this be changed to a different word for a specific campaign?

Also, in other languages personalization would require to change the adjective before the Name, depending on whether the person is male or female (Dear Sarah would become, in Italian, Cara Sara - Dear Jack would become Caro Jack, see the Cara/Caro thing?) is there any language specific package that would address this issue?


Hi Letizia, That is a great question. You can write emails in specific languages and then setup a diamond to filter contacts into their correct language sequence. As for the Default Merge fields it would only display what is under the Marketing > Settings > Template Default > Merge Fields

However, any external pages would show the languages set through the Contact’s browser. Here is more information on that

This guide explains how the browser will capture the language and timezone through the browser settings specifically.