Is it possible to run a bilingual email campaign?

I run a printshop in Montreal, Canada and I’m working on our email campaign in French (Quebec’s official language), however, I would like to be able to link/refer english speaking contacts to an english version of the email. Is this possible within the confines of Infusionsoft?

The key information would be, how do you intend to store or tack that information. Using a tag, a custom field or maybe it’s implied by location?

I was thinking to have a link at the top of the page mentioning
“For english click here” which should land them in an english version and the tag them as such. In this case, would I need to create a mirrored campaign in french & english?

Or would there be a simpler solution?

Where language is concerned, you would have to have separate running sequences to support that, regardless of your method for determining location. Determining location can be accomplished in a number of ways, including as you’ve indicated…but the difference in content you’ll have to have separate processes for.