Landing Page and Email Confirmation Not Working

Relatively new InfusionSoft user here.

We want to create a Newsletter sign-up page with a double opt-in. So far I’ve:

  • created the Landing Page, which tags the user when they complete the form, that then goes to a Thank you page. This has been published.

  • I’ve added the default email confirmation request sequence, amended the email copy, and set to Ready.


  • I’ve Published the campaign with no problem or errors.


I’ve then tested the form multiple times. Each time, the email address and contact is correctly entered into the CRM, and is correctly tagged. However the Email Confirmation Request never triggers - none of the work or personal email addresses I’ve used to sign up to the form receive the confirmation request and I’m at a loss on how to figure out why.

From what I can tell from the guides, I’ve set it up correctly.

I’ve tried building a new landing page from scratch and get the same problem.

So I was wondering if there was suggestions on what might be going wrong and how to fix it?


The most common reason is because the email addresses you are using are already confirmed in your system.