Is there a way to insert referral partner tracking links into an email, with their custom codes, and have it be clickable in the email?

I created an email and pasted the tracking link, with the affiliate code:

Sales page:

It does merge each affiliate code correctly. However, the link in the email is not clickable, it does not resolve correctly.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hi @Blanca_Brenes1 This is actually one of the methods that I have shared with people before. If you paste in the URL, it avoids any link tracking associated with the contact itself, and does not appear clickable in the builder, but when you batch this out, any email client will know to make this a hyperlink.

I just ran a test on this to confirm, as it had been a while. When I receive the email, the merge field populates, and the link is clickable in my outlook, gmail, and hotmail inboxes.

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OMG, so simple. GENIUS. Thanks, James! I had spent a while trying
different things and chatting with IFS but your solution is simple and


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Glad to help. The fact that it is not clickable in the builder can cause some confusion, but the fact that all email clients do the job of identifying it as a URL saves the day! Nice, simple, clickable, shareable tracking links for your affiliates!