Is there a report to see if emails went to SPAM?

Is there a report I can run to see if emails went to SPAM?

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Hi Amy, to clarify do you mean if the Email was marked as Spam by the contact?

No. I mean did it go into their SPAM folder and not into their IN BOX?

There is no way for any email system for any product to tell you if an email hits the spam folder or the inbox.

Thank you! Though, THAT sure does seems like something that could be a helpful thing!!!

That would be very helpful! You are able to see if an email was marked as Spam or the Contact Unsubscribed. These reports will also tell you if the email bounced. There are a couple of reports one is the Email Status Search

Marketing > Reports > Email Status Search

The other is
Marketing > Reports> Email Batch Results

You can also test the Spammyness of your emails through these services.
Free Email Spam Checker - Spam Test - Spam Score Checker

The real issue there is that the industry has not established a standard for doing so. Open rates are not real numbers because every email client has different rules/policies defining what they say is an opening of an email. So you could have a preview trigger an open report and the user could just delete the email without ever actually reading or seeing it…not a valid metric at all.

So until the industry as a whole decides to play nice together, that is what we have to work with.

Understood! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply!

Yes, I am good on those reports. They are very clear. I just wondered why I
have people reporting my emails as being located in their SPAM? If I could
run a report to see if this is a TREND, like we are putting something
spammy in a campaign, we could make need changes and re-run them.

You could setup a test where you send the same Live email to different Email Providers. Meaning if you create a Test Email address for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc this would allow you to see for yourself where the email was placed.

The other services I mentioned above would also be able to review the email body and tell you the chances of it being directed to the Spam Folder

You could also look into PlusThis for Split Testing