How do I do a spam check on emails

How do I check my SPAM level in an email?


Hi @Katie_Martin We are working on a way to provide this in the new email builder, but currently, you may want to take your email over to a 3rd party Spam Score checker. Here is some info one of our community managers shared in another post.

1.) Go to
2.) Copy the email address over as a ‘contact’ in your Infusionsoft app
3.) Test the email using that new ‘contact’ email address (which sends the email to
4.) View your score and drill down to figure out how you can improve.

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Yep, we use mail-tester alot. In @James_Mefford example the SpamAssassin score is usually content related and the note about not being fully authenticated (if it’s yellow like it is in the image but doesn’t have a negative value) usually refers to a missing dmarc record.

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