Spam score not working

I used to like the ‘spam score’ that was applied to email templates, to help me detect which of my emails were likely to be caught in people’s spam filters. This doesn’t seem to be functional any more. Why is that, and will it be fixed - if so, when?

I messaged Product to see if this will make it into the new email builder. I agree, I liked that feature too. For now, what you could do (assuming you have an extra user license to play around with)

  1. Go to
  2. Copy the email address over to a user in your Infusionsoft app
  3. Test the email using that user (which sends the email to
  4. View your score and drill down to figure out how you can improve.

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Thanks so much for your thoughts here Martin,

I do appreciate it.

Yes – this is a very valued and sadly missed functionality.


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