Email being sent to spam

Lately when I try to test an email and send it to me it goes to my spam filter in my email, and it does the same with my coworkers. We have generalized protected spam filters set up, but I would like to make sure that emails are going through to our clients and not being sent to their spam like it seems to happen with our email accounts.

We also do the spam check before sending out a broadcast or setting up a specific template in email campaigns, what else could be making this happen?

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Do you have DKIM configured for your sending domain?

I find that most of the time the emails only go into spam on my own inbox because I send so many test emails to myself. It’s likely that the emails go to your clients’ regular inboxes but you can always check with an email address you’ve not used before or perhaps a co-workers personal gmail account.

If possible, it would be best to trigger the email authentically instead of doing a test send within the campaign builder as the ‘TEST:’ part of the subject line in test emails can sometimes trigger the stricter spam filters in some email clients.