Is there a problem with email broadcast? None of my emails sent this week are showing in Broadcast sent

So this week I know is a busy one for emails with Black Friday and Cyber Monday but the problems that I have been having with Email Broadcast have been numerous.
1: Drafts have not been loading, everytime I click on one it bumps me back to the Select an Email page.
2: When I am able to get in and get to the end of the email broadcast and send, it tells me that the email has been scheduled but I can’t find it in Sent Broadcasts nor is it logged under any of the clients I have sent emails to.
This is really very frustating. Can anyone identify or help?

Hi Madeline, so your first thing, what browser are you using, Chrome or Firefox are the recommended, personally I believe Chrome works better out the two.

Assuming the above, have you tried incognito mode in Chrome, this can help rule out a cookie issue.

If THAT doesn’t help, Keap support is your next post of call.

Part two, is it showing up in the Broadcast reports as scheduled?

If not then again Keap support would be where I go next.

All the best


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your response.
To answer your questions I have used both Chrome and MS Edge. I haven’t tried in incognito mode, however, the even though it’s down as sent nothing is coming up my Broadcasts scheduled reports even though it told me that it has been scheduled. It’s a little mad.

Thanks again. I’ll speak to Keap.

Magnificently yours,


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