Email Broadcast won't load

I am trying to click the " Get Started" tab to go into the email broadcast but it will just not load, anyone else having the same issue?


Hi @Bec_Glover

We have been running a deployment to address a critical issue, that may have caused some issues loading sections of the application. The deployment ran for a little under 4 hours, and was about 2 hours in when you made this post. If you are still experiencing this, I would try giving your browser a full cache and cookies clear.

If the issue persists, you may want to reach out to the support team (Chat is currently available) so that they can take a look, and possibly gather some data for our Advanced Support team to take a look at.

Thanks for your reply James,
I found that I could load it with Chrome instead of my Internet explorer
not sure if this was coincidental now but hey it worked out anyways.

thanks again

Ah that makes sense. I should have asked what browse you are using. You will want to use Chrome or Firefox to access your Infusionsoft. We do not support explorer/edge. While you may be able to log in, certain aspects of the application may not work as we code specifically for Chrome and Firefox. Glad you were able to get into your broadcast builder though!