Is it possible for a contact to update their activities in my Infusionsoft account without make them a "User?"

I’m looking for insight on how to track my contact’s activities in Infusionsoft. Please note, I said “track my contact’s activities”, not my activities with my contacts.

I currently track their activities by having them complete a Google form with 14 fields which populates in an excel report.

I have two types of contacts. Contact Type A starts as an opportunity for Contact Type B. When the opportunity is closed/won, Contact Type B becomes the account manager for Contact Type A.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on how I can do this in Infusionsoft other than manually.

Ir you are using the Opportunity module, the owner of the account would need to be an Infusionsoft User.

But if you wanted non-Users to update stages of another contact through a form that they submit on behalf of the contact, you could do it - but will require some pre-planning. If you are wanting to use internal forms, they would need to be Infusionsoft Users.

Directly, no, but with custom pages and some scripting in PHP yes.