Internal Forms Completed Offline

I am using InfusionSoft CRM to keep details of leads and push them through a sales pipeline.

I am providing a service to customers (B2C) which involves one of my colleagues visiting the potential customer at their property. I have created a “site survey” internal form so that my colleague can fill in the key details of his visit via a tablet.

The issue is that internet access is not always available /time-consuming to find a password log in etc. Hot spotting from a mobile isn’t always available due to the places he visits not always been in strong 4g areas. but without this he can’t access the internal form. (The App doesn’t support filling in the form so have to use InfusionSoft in web browser hence the tablet use).

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

Are there any third party applications that I could build an identical form with, use offline on a tablet and then will automatically push the data through to InfusionSoft, updating the customer record, when connected back to Wi-Fi?

Not the best solution, but, you could complete an Excel spreadsheet with the info and then do ‘data cleanup’ and upload the data to the contact record when on the Internet.

Instead of using internal forms, use webforms which do the same thing but do not require a user to be logged in. Internal forms are for “internal” use only.