How do I save or export the data collected in InfusionSoft web form fields to a .CSV?

For example, our client has 50+ events and a web form for each so staff can comment what worked didn’t work at each event. They want those event notes to be combined into one .csv report so it can be discussed at their post-event meetings. Right now, they 20+ staff send their event notes to one person who spends hours compiling those event notes manually into one spreadsheet. Can InfusionSoft form data be stored somewhere and exported? Thank you in advance for any advice.

I would have the form add contacts to a campaign sequence. The sequence would then use a fulfillment list to send all webform responses (assuming they are in custom fields) on the schedule you determine. I use campaign fulfillment lists all of the time. They can be super useful!


@Camille_Shieff!!! That is an awesome solution! :wink:

Thank you very much for the reply Camille. I looked into this and it solves some form issues. But unfortunately for 50+ events, each with their own form, I realized there aren’t enough custom fields in InfusionSoft to accommodate the customer’s needs. Also, since the same staff are filing out different forms every week, there’s no place the info is stored by InfusionSoft…only in the contact’s record. The client wants the data in a .CSV. I actually found a tool called EmailMeForm. It does what I thought InfusionSoft would do, store the data and export each of the data fields to columns in a .CSV with a lot more options. Really great tool. Although I love InfusionSoft and will continue to be a fan, I am disappointed that form data doesn’t get saved to a server/database somewhere. It works great to collect leads, but not with complex forms where data needs to be stored/exported in mass. I know it can’t do everything, but definitely something they should look into for the future.

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I agree, Nicole, this would be a really good - and seemingly obvious - feature to have. We have a web form for each event as well and would like to be able to export the data from that form rather than have to create a custom field in order to be able to export. Hopefully, Infusionsoft will come up with a solution that issue quickly as I’m sure there are many other businesses who are having to use a third party tool to accomplish this, as you mentioned.

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Nicole, I’m in a similar pickle. Do you know of a third party software that any Keap customers use to take the webform emails and turn them into csv files? Our webforms use more than fields attached to the contact records, so using Keap’s fulfilmment center tool is not possible.

Hello :slight_smile: Yes, I can totally help you. We use and it’s amazing! You’ll love it. Hope that helps!

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Thank you, @Nicole_Larsen. :slight_smile: How do you use the Infusionsoft forms with