Infusion soft web forms

On our website we have several places where customers can complete a contact form. All are working fine with the exception of the web-form that is on our “downloadable” forms. Those contact forms are NOT parsing into our CRM. We have two CRM, one is InfusionSoft, but the other is a company we have contracted with to process initial leads. Their system is not accepting the infusionSoft contact form. Apparently they can only accept “plain text”. Is there a way to set up the infusion soft from so that they can get that contact information parsing into their CRM?

So the IS form isn’t generated in anything but text, so I doubt that’s the issue. What I think would be more likely is a conflict of methods. As an example, some of Infusionsoft’s forms do not work in an iframe (though I don’t think the general webforms fall into that category).

Other possibilities can include incompatible TLS versions as the encryption of data getting sent over the internet to a secured (https) server varies between these versions. CORS conflicts on the hosting server can be another (depending a few factors).

I can, however, confirm for you that webforms do indeed work on hosting servers as I have three different companies and configurations for servers that they do work on. The point to making that point is to say that, this is by all indications, a matter of their settings/configuration for their CRM server.

Thanks, I am checking with the other CRM company about what you said in your last sentence. They feel it is not their system, but I am having them go back and look again.