Integrating Subscription for Groups with Discourse

Is there any way to have discourse change the role of a user when they subscribe to that role via this platform?

Something like but with Infusionsoft?

Just so I’m sure I understand, You want to reflect a role change in Infusionsoft when it is changed in discourse? If so, then yes, with the discourse webhook, a bit of code and the Infusionsoft api, it could be done.

I would like to have it so when people pay for access to a Discourse role using Infusionsoft they will be automatically assigned that Discourse role. Then if they stop paying it will remove them.

Ok, so that can still be done but will take using the discourse api.

An IS webhook can be setup to monitor when a change happens and if it’s a key change or tag assignment, make the change be reflected in discourse as well.

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So this would be done via the Infusionsoft panel? (I don’t have access to the account asking for another person)

No, this would have to be specifically taken care of by code. That’s how a webhook is setup and that would be how the webhook responses would be handled using the api’s as well. There isn’t anything native that will accomplish this for you.

Another possiblity, though I don’t know if it will specifically handle this task, is to check out zapier, which has a discourse and infusionsoft module…I suspect though, that it will only involve creating/updating contacts (but it may do more than that)

I checked that. It only offered to create a new post. Who could I go to who could set this up? Does Infusionsoft offer integration specialists I can pay for or?

I know IS used to (and still may) but they likely are a higher cost than developers like myself and some others here would be. I’d be glad to talk if you have time Wed-Fri (afraid today and tomorrow are already all spoken for :wink: )

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