Integrating shopping cart into Angularjs App

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My web app was build based on Angularjs/Html and it has subscription page. in our subscription we create custom page and we use infusionSoft APIs to get product data. after that we need to show shopping cart checkout page. we would like to use infusionSoft checkout page and payment gateway for that.

So that we need to integrate shopping cart checkout page inside our application.(it shouldn’t open as a separate web page. ). after that success checkout users are redirect to our App. is this possible…? does anyone know best way to do that…?.

You’re in uncharted territory.

If you can’t use the regular Infusionsoft shopping cart then you need to use the API. The new rest API doesn’t have that built-out yet so you’ll have to use the legacy API. The legacy API has a few SDKs but nothing for angular / node. The PHP SDK has a code example for an order but that code is from 2008! API-Sample-Code/PHP at master · infusionsoft/API-Sample-Code · GitHub
You could do it but you’d be on your own.

I would look at your on-boarding process to see if you can work in a way to use the Infusionsoft cart or order form. Those can be mobile responsive and you can set them to forward some place after a successful transaction.

Yeah, like @Kevin_Larsen said, not alot of results in the area of Angular to draw on, although it would be interesting to follow and I don’t see why a call out/endpoint approach wouldn’t still work with Angular.

Hi @John_Borelli & @Kevin_Larsen ,

Thank you for your reply.
Lets say its ok to open checkout page in a separate window that not inside our Angular app.( then browser window url change our url to your checkout page url ). after successful transaction user need to redirect Thank You page.( back to our Angular app )

Then we need to confirm order details in our side. because user can change order details in checkout page also. for that we need current user order number for get product details using infusionSoft APIs and update our records.
I chat with your agent about this problem.but they didn’t have solution for that. that’s why I deside to load checkout page inside our Angular app page. but if I load checkout page inside our Angular app page seems not resolve problem after all… :frowning:
Hope you understand my question. :slight_smile:
any help would be appreciated…

If you’re App tracks an email address for the user and your checkout forces the use of that same email address (which would become the unique identifier for the contact in IS), then you would be able to use the api to pull details from IS.

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Already tried that one. but with checkout url we cannot send additional details (such as use Email, User profileId) so in your answer you says

what is the correct way to do it…?
Thank you