Get Order Number when user redirect to Thank You page

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We have Angular app that have custom subscription page and we do not use infusionSoft storefront to select product. we get product details using infusionSoft APIs and show them in our subscription page.

When user select products user redirect to your checkout page (single-step checkout) and do success transaction. after that user need to redirect our app again( using Thank You url ). at that point we need to confirm that order details and update our record info. (because user can change order details in checkout page also)
How do we get order number when user came back to Thank You page… ?
Any Help… :slight_smile:

Note :- We do not want to use multi-step checkout page. because then user need to log into our app and if he deside to get subscription he need to log in again.

Thank you

A fellow Infusionite with experience outside the API team looked into this with me. We think you should be able to get the order number from the orderId query string parameter sent in the browser’s request to the Thank You page.

If you need to set a Thank You page, go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup, edit your theme, on the Settings tab you’ll find Thank You URL.

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Thank you @mike.christianson. I got orderId in Thank you url. :slight_smile:

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Hey Mike,

Would you mind elaborating on this a bit? I’m also trying to get the orderId out of my thank you page but dont see anything that resembles and orderId in the query string and can’t find what you referred to as E-Commerce Setup-Edit your theme. Do you have to insert the orderId or should it already be somewhere in the query string?

Hey @Jesse_Davis1,
When you edit the Shopping Cart Theme “Thank You URL” on the “Settings” tab, the querystring should automatically contain the orderId and contactId in the following format: You will want to override the “Thank You URL” as the default thank you url will not have the orderId appended to it.