Integrate Live chat on website and connect with InfusionSoft

Is there a third-party app that someone can recommend to add a live chat feature? We had a live chat with our other CRM, Agile. It was located on the top right of the browser and gave a notification when someone started chatting with us on our website. This is very valuable if someone has a question. Apparently, Infusionsoft doesn’t offer this.

Infusionsoft does not have anything natively and to implement it would probably only be doable by using a browser plugin because there isn’t anyway to directly modify the UI otherwise and a browser plugin would be the only way to accomplish that.

Such a plugin does not exist that I’m aware of, so that likely means that it would have to be created/designed by one of us developers here or in the infusionsoft api FB community.

It looks like there are apps that will connect this stuff. It would certainly be great if InfusionSoft had an integrated chat but it seems like this is a solution for now. Any thoughts?

I would check to see if these are directly working with the UI or if they aren’t just a chat that you put on your website (for example) that will add contacts (and possible the chat log?) to your app. I got the impression you were looking for something that worked real-time in IS? One of these may also use the method I mentioned of using a browser plugin, which would work for you in that case :wink:

Hi John,
FuseDesk is the application that integrates. I am using it for a while now.

Ok, so zendesk already has an Infusionsoft integration. What is missing that you still need to happen then?