Zoom meeting integration

Hello folks,
Anyone have any input on integrating the ZOOM meetings with InfusionSoft?

Hi @Tom_Limoli we have a Zoom integration in our Success Lab and I know PlusThis has an integration as well.


Hi Tyler,
The other evening I attended a product demo that was done via my ZOOM. I found ZOOM to be quite friendly and easy to navigate. I see that they offer an InfusionSoft integration. Now it looks like the integration require two separate products - their meeting (I secured a PRO account for up to 100 folks) and their webinar add-on (an additional $40 per month). What I am looking to accomplish is having clients purchase (via IS shopping) tech support from me and use the ZOOM platform to deliver. This is more a one on one service as opposed to multi seat, multi location webinar type of delivery. I could have InfusionSoft do all the $ transactions and campaigns for registration, followup, etc and separately do ZOOM meeting outside of IS. Any thoughts or directions. I’m getting conflicting info from ZOOM as to weather or not I need to have their webinar plug-in. Tom@Limoli.com

If you’re just doing one-on-one meetings with clients, you don’t need the webinar plugin. And you don’t need a webinar integration with our tool or PlusThis either. What may be helpful is using AppointmentCore to allow new clients to book their time on your calendar and it will automatically set up the Zoom meeting as well.


I was hoping to not overlook something obvious. My InfusionSoft Mistress has my calendar synchronize with TimeTrade and that has been working quite well. Working with dentists, some of them are not all that tech savvy. I give them options as to the best way to proceed be it phone, GoTo or now ZOOM. They purchase the time and choose accordingly based upon mutual schedules. Next round of InfusionCon drinks is on me. Don’t forget to floss. Thank you again.