Chatbots and Infusionsoft

I was wondering if the community can make any recommendations for chatbots that integrate well with Infusionsoft, have low code bloat, and integrate well with cellular (business owners on the go). The conversation is rapidly shifting and many people don’t want to look through sites to get the information they’re looking for with the immediate availability of people.

How has Infusionsoft integrated with receptionists and other business owners using chat bots?

Check out…just watched a webinar on it and it looks pretty flexible and easy, and it is already integrated with IS.

1 Like A friend mentioned livechat. Going to check out that one as well. Too many options lol

So when you say ‘chatbot’ then what are you referring to? What I mentioned and what you posted are two completely different things. Your’s is a chat integrations whereas a chat bot is an automated script that responds automatically to specific condition and can be used to automate the process of gathering information and lead generation. Basic chatting (with or without recording it in IS) doesn’t offer that. I assumed you were referring to things like chat bots on FB… not basic chat services?

When I say chatbots I mean the live ones and when there’s nobody there an automated bot. A combo of the two would be an ideal situation in particular if it partners well with search on a site. It looks like Google and everyone are building unique solutions right now. I just want my clients to have better overall customer service with integrated lead capturing via the chatbots. Generally, when someone is available you can chat with them and when they’re away it sends the lead in email form.

I was just working on this for our own company using Twilio. They have a new builder to create two way interactive chats and messaging via SMS. offers a similar approach for using facebook messenger.