Infusion Gravity Forms Add On Plug In

Hello! Users have recently begun receiving error messages when they submit a gravity form on our website. this is the error message:
[06-Sep-2019 06:20:45 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught [DatabaseError]Error adding contact
Attempted: 1 time(s).
thrown in /home/thecre20/public_html/garyjobeferguson/wp-content/plugins/infusionsoft/Infusionsoft/App.php on line 99
It sends the user a message saying that “this site is having technical difficulties”. When they refresh the screen and resubmit, it seems to go through to the results page most times.
I think this means that the infusionsoft gravity forms plug that we have been using (the one designed by Zack Zatz) is no longer working with current versions of WP or GF.
Is that what it seems like to be happening?
If so, I want to convert to a new plug in (like the one designed by CRM Perks), but am worried about the process of converting. Is it going to be as easy as deactivating the old one and activating the new one?
Anything special I need to be aware of?
I’m not super tech savvy, so any guidance would be extremely helpful.


I’m pretty sure that’s what the error means — I don’t think that plugin has been updated for 3-4 years.

I used to use that plugin and have recently converted all my clients over to the paid version of CRMPerks for Gravity Forms for Infusionsoft. It is a painless process (and their plugin is far more stable and gives you more options than the previous versions).

It is pretty intuitive on how to set it up, and it has far more features for adding tags based on conditions, etc.

I would definitely recommend it.

If you need any help with the configuration, our team has experience using it, so let us know if you need help.


Thanks, Jeff - Do you happen to know if the data in the form goes out to a PHP coded tabulator and then comes back in to the form in custom fields whether the free CRMPerks or the paid CRMPerks version of the plug in can handle that? That’s what the other one was able to do, so I don’t think it’s a complicating factor, but I’m not sure on the timing of it all!

I have no clue what that is.
The free version is simplistic - can’t apply tags or anything, so I think paid is what you would need.

However, I have no clue what the “PHP coded tabulator” is.



No, it won’t be just uninstalling one and installing the other. It will depend on how differently the new plugin implements it’s features. Some use widgets, others shortcodes and others actually just provide a way for a programmer or web developer to add it to their custom code so it can vary drastically.

@john_borelli In this case it is just install one, configure, and disable the other — as it is a ‘back-end’ plugin that enhances the customer facing (Gravity Forms) plugin. The functionality of the Gravity Forms doesn’t change - just the back-end connectivity with Infusionsoft.

Thanks, I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow and see how it goes! I appreciate all your help.

Honestly, it wasn’t clear to me if the GF was going to remain part of the process or not so I answered genericly on that front. If it’s just another GF to IS integration plugin then sure, it would be more straight forward as it’s using the same standard to follow (which is GF itself, of course :wink: ).