Importing Google AdWords/ Bing Ads/ Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads Expenses Integration

Hi All,

We have iTracker360 setup in our Infusionsoft account which is great, however, we require all expenses from Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads campaigns to be imported into Infusionsoft.

Adding in Lead source expenses manually is just too time-consuming.

I gather by now someone has provided a plugin to import all expenses from these advertising platforms into Infusionsoft (Lead Source Expenses field) automatically through an API?

This will save so much time wasted instead of manually adding in all expenses from our advertising to determine ROI from each Source and Campaign.

If not, anyone willing to build an integration from and provide a quote? Thanks.



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I probably will not answer the question directly, but there are tools allowing your account to grow followers and not to be attacked by spam and all the stuff. Get rid of fakes and ghosts followers on Instagram is an application that is availiable in appstore and is easy to maintain.

This may be helpful, but it works in the opposite direction… it will push your sales and traffic source data into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. where you’ll then be able to see everything in one place.