Import landing page input data in our database

I have created a landing page in infusionsoft and just want to import that landing page input data into our database.

Please suggest how could we achieve our goal?


If you just want the user info entered into the database without any automation triggering, that will happen when they press the ‘submit’ Button on the page.

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So at that time infusionsoft provides any api from that we can import the user info in to out database.
We can also create scheduler for this if we will have api.

Yes. Once they are in the Infusionsoft system you can access via your API calls.

If the API is not within immediate reach, you can easily use as a fast solution. If you do not have a Zapier Pro account, contact me about a low-cost solution.
You can set a schedule to trigger this integration with no problem.

@Dave_Royce : Please share your contact details so we can find the solution together .