Can the new landing page builder forms send restful API requests?

We want to use InfusionSoft’s landing page builder to capture form fields that would connect to our back end SaaS registration page (for a free trial sign up). Our developer asked if we can paste code for the forms to send a restful API request. If so, is there some information or documentation on how to do this? Thank you - Maureen

Hi @Maureen_Carlson, there isn’t a RESTful API for processing form submissions. You can make multiple API calls to emulate a form submission.

  1. Add contact using this endpoint and set whatever fields you are collecting on your form.
  2. If you have automation set up as a result of the form submission in a campaign, use this endpoint to add the created contact to the sequence that immediately follows the landing page goal.

Yeah, like @Nicholas_Trecina has said, endpoint mitigation is all you’ll be able to rely on as there aren’t REST specific calls that map to a landing page’s variable data.