Simple sequence

Hi, # 1 I’m new to Infusionsoft (or at least new to doing it myself)

We’re giving my website a facelift.

In the meantime, I want visitors who go there to have the opportunity to get notified when we’ve relaunched.

To do that I’ll have to add someone to the list in Infusionsoft.

So what should the sequence look like?

As I said I’m new to infusionsoft, and trying to figure it out the best I can.


Hi Andrew,

So, if you want to give people the option of being notified when your website has relaunched, I’d build a simple Infusionsoft Landing Page. You can do this using the native landing page builder. Here’s a demo page and tutorial:

Here’s an article from Infusionsoft on this topic:

Then, you can host this on your own domain, so that its the page people see when they try and visit your website:

If you use wordpress, you can use the wordpress plugin for this: