Import Contacts from Aweber

I used for several Years Aweber.
And I have there over 60k contacts.

Almost 1 Year Ago, I started using IS.

Now i really need to SwitchOff Aweber.

But… how can import all the Aweber Contacts in Infusionsoft?

Not Technically, but in a Smart Way for not having trouble with the deliverability and Scoring.

Tnks a Lot

So I’m assuming that this means that you know that not all the emails from aWeb are in Infusionsoft, and you’re therefor concerned on that level?

That would depend on if your aWeb and IS are providing the same content/purpose. If you have an optin for aWeb emails and they’re just covering the same content/topic matter then you can import and count that as a valid optin…otherwise it would be cross marketing and you’d want to do an introduction/optin campaign to get permission.

You probably already know as well (but it’s still worth mentioning) that any emails/contacts you import will be subject to an initial metered send the first time you send to them from within IS…this means that they will send a small group and then monitor for spam complaints etc and if all looks good then continue on that track until the list is fully sent through…knowing about that ahead of time just helps to be able to plan for it :wink:

The best thing to do is to run all of those old email addresses through a data cleansing process to be sure that you aren’t importing bad addresses.
Then, I would run some sort of ‘re-engagement’ campaign — asking people if they want to remain in your list and give them the option to click ’no’ to get out of the list.

That way, you will only have people in the system with good emails who want to get your info.

We have a ‘data cleansing’ service ($97 + $0.01/record), if you are intersted. It identifies about 10 different types of emails (undeliverable, spam traps, etc).


Additionally, you may wish to check out