Utilizing features of Infusionsoft to email into Germany

We have a reseller in Germany that is interested to have us support them by emailing into that market. We also source lists from InsideView. What are the rules if we use (1) a list they give us or (2) a list we might source from InsideView?

No matter where it comes from, if you’re importing lists, IS/Keap will throttle the first sending to that list to ensure they don’t get too many spam complaints right out of the gate.

I would use a list cleaning service the moment I source a new list and before importing them into IS/Keap. The terms of service state that you agree not to market to people that haven’t opted into your content. That doesn’t mean you can’t send them a single email asking if they’re interested in opting in, but I wouldn’t send anything more than that until they do and I’d remove the people that don’t all together.

The best thing to do is to clean those lists immediately and then use a different service to get your optins and then place those optins into infusionsoft/keap. That is the safest way to approach procured lists.