Hello and Help from Bewbie

Hi Everyone My name is Tina and I am new to infusion soft and i am so confused. I follow the directions but it doesn’t work. I am trying to import a contact list but when i say how i gained the member info it still will not let me go to the next page apparently nothing is the right answer. Help me please

Hi @Tina_Dipane,

First welcome, and second, you’re not alone as IS does have quite a learning curve but it can be well worth the end results, so I hope you can avoid getting discouraged. We’ve all been there.

The questions your encountering are designed to both protect you and the reputation of the domains that Infusionsoft sends emails from so that the reputation isn’t affecting everyone using the product. That being said, there are some terms of service conditions that include what you may use as an email list. Likely, your answers to these questions are indicating that you have not actually gotten direct permission from each contact in your list to contact them. This is a hard rule with Infusionsoft. IS will also throttle the first sending of any new list regardless of those answers to ensure that there is not a high spam complaint result. So the question at this point is, have you gotten each person on the list to optin or are the questions not easily understood?