Introduction what is taking so long to send to import e-mail?

Wow this site is really nice, I see it in a lot of peopel who i subscribe to I am looking forward to learnign this prcess and have a fresh mind to it in twenty fifteen I began a website called and then started my own youtube series. I have had tons of leads but no foundation of a list and it seems like a lot of the list that i’ve imported here and aweber gets absorbed into a n abysss I cant simply send a blast email too I will attempt this learnign process but I thought it would be as simple as you have your list and you upload that list send a an e-mail am I missing any key points to make this work for the first go around?? Please let me know this is a not what I payed for honestly, just a bit too cryptic, atleast for the beginning. I’ve begun the educational process and there IS WAY TOO MUCH FLUFF. Especially for a noob like myself I quit aweber for the same reason. I thought it was going to be different but in life there are no shortcuts even though this is just a basic that should be easy upload a list send a list no weird tags overly socializing it…Anyways I will look at the course and the coaching calls, i’m sure it will work out…

Hi @Abreha_Berhanu - welcome to the community. That was quite the paragraph, and it sounds like you’re arriving to Infusionsoft with your share of frustrations - regardless, here are a few basics:

  1. Infusionsoft is a powerful email marketing tool, and like any tool, the person using it largely determines just how valuable it will be.

  2. To get the most out of Infusionsoft, it’ll require an investment of some kind. Usually that’s time, or money, sometimes both.

There is definitely a learning curve for Infusionsoft (like any tool), but you can minimize that curve by investing time in learning, consuming free resources, or buying paid content.

Or, you can hire an expert to help you get things up and running quickly, which could help you get to an ROI sooner, but you’ll likely still want to learn the software yourself so you can use it with confidence. It’s hard to make decisions about which parts of the software you’re going to need if you don’t thoroughly understand all of them.

  1. If all you want to do is import a list and send them an email, that’s fine - you can do those two things fairly easily. But trust me when I say that it is in your best interest to get familiar with the concept of tags - Infusionsoft uses tags for segmentation - and obviously segmentation is key to communicating effectively with your audience.

  2. If all you plan to use Infusionsoft for is sending mass emails to your audience, you might get frustrated because you’d just be scratching the surface on it’s capabilities. Many people find that Infusionsoft’s automation is where the real value lies - it gives you the ability to map out your ideal customer journey, using automation to guide prospects from one touch point to the next - and then design the systems to help make that a reality.

Regardless of how you choose to progress, welcome! Keep asking questions, and stay positive!

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Hey thanks for the support! Yeah just needed to vent, I’ve been studying
for a while so I’ll do my best how much does the person who does the
sending work usually cost?

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Welcome to the community, @Abreha_Berhanu! and thank you for the words of wisdom, @Greg_Jenkins

Our partner team is full of brilliant marketing tacticians. We are all here to help you be successful. Please reach out to us for help if you need it.

Cool yeah how do I send a mass e-mail out?

I just collected e-mails at a Woodstock event and I only uploaded there
e-mails so can I take all of there e-mails and put it into a file that I
can follow up with today or tommorow?

@Abreha_Berhanu - costs can vary dramatically depending on the consultant you decide to hire, and the services that they’ll be performing.

I’d estimate that you should expect to spend between $25/hour on the low end, for a virtual assistant type role, and a few hundred an hour for a quality experienced consultant. But honestly - it ranges pretty dramatically. There are some really capable consultants you could hire for reasonable rates if you agree to a monthly retainer of some sort.

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