I cannot edit the emails of my campaigns


When I try to edit the email I get an error message. I have followed the instructions to clear cache, restart Infusionsoft, restart Chrome, restart the computer, but the error still appears. Can you help me?

Regarding the recent issues with the email editor:

I’v had some luck with placing the email icon on the canvas, then REMOVING the line that is automatically created to that icon and finally backing out of the campaign so it saves the email icon in place and then I have been able to go into the email to edit it. BUT, this only works the first time so make sure you get all the editing you want done on the first try before saving or backing out of the email editor.

If I had to go in after the first time, I was able to do so if I ctrl-left click/dragged a copy of it and edited that which allowed me to edit it again.

I know it’s not a clean answer but might get some people where they need to be.

Since this issue is related to how a web browser uses memory and the email editor itself is, by necessity, somewhat memory heavy, dis connecting the connection to the rest of the sequence seems to be a key factor in working around it.

Alternatively, you can rollback your browser version by following the links below:



Hopefully some of this helps someone get to where they need to be as I know how frustrating it must be 😉

If you wish to keep up with progress on this known issue you can do so at: