I am thinking about making the POS and online switch to Shopify from Clover (POS) and WooCommerce (Online)

Does anyone have any information as to the ability to sync with Keap and Shopify? My current POS Clover pretty much makes me do everything manually from Clover to Keap. I have no use for the Keap reports, I literally have to manually input payments. I would love to find a way to automate my KPIs and other data.

So there are two ways of sending purchase information from Shopify to Keap - Zapier or Connect My Sales. It depends on a) your budget b) what you need to happen, to help you choose between them. CMS is more expensive (for most people) as you want at least the Enhanced version of it ($59/m), but it is a ‘stronger’ integration.

I’ve setup both in the past.

All the best