How to send personalized reports, following a yes/no quiz, to Infusionsoft, for use in a long-form report to be emailed to the quiz-taker?

Hello, I’m having a 14 question yes/no quiz developed on my website, and any of the Yes answers result in a corresponding image and paragraph of text for each specific “yes” answer. When the person is done taking the quiz, they will fill out a First Name and Email webform. How would I capture their personalized results in hidden fields so as to send that info to be merged into long-form report that will then be emailed to the quiz taker? Thank you for any ideas you may have.

(To give more info, if the quiz taker answers yes to 1, 6, 8, and 10, then their report will have Image 1 and Paragraph 1, Image 6 and Paragraph 6, Image 8 and Paragraph 8 and Image 10 and Paragraph 10 in it).

Lauren, if you have not found a solution yet try out - many of clients use that feature at our platform. You can email to - or call 1-800-455-9632

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