How to send Form Submissions to a Campaign

Hello I’m new to the forum and have a problem!

How do i send data to your campaign, using a curl or API request?

I attempted to try and read through your PHP API… but it appears to be very lacking in explanations.

I really don’t need a large api, as am very familiar with sending Curl or API’s request.

Please let me know If I need to add anything to explain my situation further.

Thank you for your time!

I’d recommend reading the first three sections of our REST API documentation. That’ll give you a good overview of how you should make requests to that API.

After that, have a look at the left-hand navigation of our REST API documentation to get an idea of what resources are available to you.

As you browse through the resources, be sure to expand the samples on the right (you’ll need to click Show samples).

If you’ve signed up for a developer account, you may find it useful to try out the API through the documentation. Look for the Try The API button and Try buttons, throughout.

After reading your tutorial here, I don’t want my users to have to authorize anything.

I would prefer to create the Token myself instead of forcing my users off my site to simple sending their data to a campaign…

There must be a way to do this, as your Plugin “InfusedWoo” does not prompt the user to go to your site to generate a token.

To recap, I’d like a solution that doesn’t require me to have the user to generate a token, instead, I’d like a way to generate it myself and then just send their data to your campaign for processing.

Again, as you seem to have accomplished this with your own plugin, this must be possible. How do i do that?

I assume you are referring to Legacy API Keys, which only allow access to the XML-RPC API. We intend to deprecate and remove that legacy API in the future, and are only actively developing the REST API, so we recommend that you neither use the XML-RPC API for new projects, nor the Legacy API Keys.

(*InfusedWoo is not an Infusionsoft product or service, and is provided by

Thank you for that information, cleared that up.

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I don’t see how I attach the rest api to my specific account.

Do i have to update something in the backend of the infusionsoft settings for my account?

Sorry Tom I misunderstood understood the authorization process I have this resolved now!

this post’s video (the end specifically) goes into detail, in case someone else is also confused.