Java SDK and Client Credentials Grant

Hi , I have few queries related to Infusion soft Api:

  1. Do you have Java Sdk present for your infusion soft Api.
  2. How do I obtain server side tokens – using Client Credentials Grant Type

The video below, while not specific to Java, reviews the oauth process. If you use REST you won’t need any api support files and can just make calls to the REST endpoints directly from Java.

We do not currently have a Java SDK for the Infusionsoft API.

I have some queries related to Contact response Json.
1.You have birthday field present in sample json but I’m not getting in my response.
2.From where I’ll get the city and state .
3.How should I get the information of custom fields.

The video is to just get you past the authentication stage so examples in the video are not meant as a tutorial for anything outside of OAuth authentication. For information on specifics about using REST after have have a valid authentication access token see documentation on REST:!/Affiliate/searchCommissionsUsingGET

There is a form which patients fill and data gets saved to infusionsoft db.
How would I know that anyone has filled the form because I have to perform
some task when there would be a new entry in contact.
Should I get any acknowledgement or event from your side.?

Thanks & Regards,
Edmund Anurag Dwivedi *| *Meditab Software Inc.

When the form is submitted, raise a tag unique that you keep uniquely used for the form and then you can trigger whatever activity you want in the UI from their.