How to sell digital downloads bigger than 10 MB on Infusionsoft?

It is possible to sell digital products under 10 MB on Infusionsoft as described here:

But I want to sell ebooks and these are bigger than 10 MB. How can I sell them on Infusionsoft? Probaly I need some external hosting, for example AWS or some other? But how can I integrate this or some other hosting with Infusionsoft? Are there any working solutions or can you suggest how best to do this?

If you have items sitting on your website, you can simply link to them after purchase.

For example, if you have an ebook that is 20MB hosted at, you could have people checkout using Infusionsoft, then on the Thank You page, and in the subsequent emails say "Thank you for your purchase. You can download your ebook here: and link to that. There, they can download your ebook.

Hope that helps.