How to increase digital file size restriction

I am new to infusionsoft and trying to set up my store. I sell digital products that are primarily audio training programs. It limits the files to 10MB. None of my audios are that small. How can I increase the file size restriction? Thanks in advance.

You may want to seek an external hosting route, as the limit is based on the fact that most email providers will bounce an attachment that is over 10mb. So in short there isn’t a way to increase this, but plenty of people utilize external hosting and then link their paid subscribers to the content via email.

Thank you. To be clear I am not trying to email the files. These are products that once the customer has paid I want to initiate a digital download. I am currently using AWS to store the files. Are you saying I should continue to do that? I don’t see a way to initiate the download within the product setup.

Ah yes, sorry for the confusion on that. The 10mb digital download limit is a bit different than a file attachment. Currently that has been the limit for a very long time (since Infusionsoft launched the ecommerce module, years ago) I can submit some feedback to see if this is something that we could consider changing / upping. Currently, AWS would be the best way to go, as you should not have any real ‘limits’ that should cause you any issues.

I will get the file size limit for digital downloads feedback with our Customer Experience team though.