10 MB Limit of the Delivery of Digital Products to Customers

I am creating a new Digital Product inside my Keap Max Classic Account. This is being done through the Product → New Product → “Digital Files” tab.

It appears that there is a 10 MB limit on files that are able to be uploaded. I host the files in AWS S3, similar to this Forum post: How to increase digital file size restriction

What’s not clear in that response is the delivery method which a customer can view or consume the files.

Question 1: Are all Digital Products “SENT” to the Customer? Or is there a “Fulfillment” page, which the customer can watch/consume the Audio/Video files?

Question 2: If AWS is recommended, would I be providing an external link for Customers to receive their products?

Thanks for helping me understand this aspect of Keap.



it would be external in the sense that you would be providing an external link via an email from Keap and they would consume externally.

You almost always want to do that, as anything that you open that is natively hosted in Keap Max Classic opens in a blank window and instantly downloads, giving the client a really odd user experience. I always put the things I deliver on my website and then just provide a link via email.


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Thank you, Jeff. That makes sense & I can see how having items in a blank window is potentially a negative experience.

For the URL you provide to customers: Is this a static URL or a protected URL? A static URL would be open to the world/public and a protected URL might require a sort of authentication or encryption. This just helps me wrap my mind around the best method of delivery and that it might include some fancy footwork in CloudFront.